How designers can think like PMs to embrace iteration and fast-forward user feedback.

Businesses can better improve their product and compete within their marketplace when they make small, incremental steps to build toward a vision. This is because by starting small, they’re able to quicker weed out good ideas from bad ones with real user feedback that minimizes effort wasted. …

In my experience, a good way to grow as a designer is to apply the principles I’ve learned from product and graphic design to different areas of design. Lately I’ve been thinking about how to use writing, or more specifically, product writing, as an opportunity to look at design from a new angle and stretch my skills

As I looked for writing resources, I put together a list of the ones I found most helpful. The articles are mostly tactical, so if you working on a project that entails writing now, many of them will be immediately relevant.

Let me know if you found any of these articles useful, or if you have one to add to the list!

To structure your piece, it’s a good idea to practice writing modularly. Treat each paragraph or section as a building block. Write them individually, and build on your ideas as you go. Modular writing lets you focus on one concept at a time and reshuffle things when you need to.

Nicole Fenton & Kate Kiefer Lee (2014). Nicely Said.

Writers: Keep your readers in the loop by letting them subscribe to email updates. You own your subscriber list.

This past year, Medium has given readers and writers more control over the stories they see by emphasizing follows over algorithms. Now, writers, you can take your follower list one step further. Let your fans know when you’ve published something new from their email inbox, in addition to when they…


If you’ve started a newsletter and are searching for ways to improve it, consider these tips as food for thought

We checked in with Abby Aker, lead designer of Newsletters, on what’s useful to know to grow your newsletter.

1. Check sign-up copy

  • When a reader signs up for your newsletter, it’s a sign of trust and connection. Think about who your ideal audience is. How do they communicate? What type of language do…

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